Multi-Pocket Tiered

Plastics Plus offers multi tiered pockets we list a few standard models but we can custom these to fit your  needs more pockets, different depth, different width. Sometimes the best way to  design a display is to start with how many brochure holders you want to display and how much area you have to work with. We may need to make it 2 or 3 wide. we can also mix widths if we go more than 1 wide but the height will need to stay the same. The main advantage of tiering pockets is the space you save the negative is that only the front brochure holder is fully visible. So an important part of designing a multi tiered pocket is to know how much of each brochure needs to be visible to your audience to make sure they will see enough information to choose from or to peak their interest in the information.. This is what seperates molded pocket from us, there are mulit pocket brochure holders that are mass produced but you have no options of how much if each brochure will be displaying to your customer, Plastics Plus lets you decide how you want your literature to be displayed. Call us today for quote on the perfect mutli pocket display. Toll free 877 858 5751