Wall Mount Brochure Holders

Our wall mount brochure holders are made of 1/8" clear acrylic and we offer the most standard sizes and the most variety of depths. They come standard with 2 holes for mounting but we can also make the screw holes match your existing pockets so you can use our pockets to replace your old display and mount quickly without drilling we holes in your walls. Plastics Plus also offers tape, velcro and slatwall clips as other options to mount.

Descriptions of our standard models
WMPH4080  this is made to hold the standard tri-fold brochures and slightly larger, most common brochures are 3 3/8 wide but over the years printers have started to make them just under 4" we can make this holder slightly larger with very little upcharge.

WMPH6080  this pocket works great for literature that is printed that is a standard letter size folded in half 5.5 x 8.5, with companies being able to print their own flyers this size has become more popular every year. It allow the same amount of information and in larger sections.

WMPH8511 -  This holds standard letter size paper(s) with a 9" wide pocket you can easily insert and customers can easily remove your flyer with no problems. This model displays your brochures in a portrait orientation and unlike molded brochure holders we have the front come up high enough to support it and prevent flopping forward. Because this is such a common size we offer it in 3 standard depths from a small 1/4, to 1/2" to our standard 1 1/2" if you need a different depth simply call , the price will be the same just might have to wait a couple days for production, let us know the inside depth of what you are looking for.
These small depths are great for displays that you only want to put a small number of pages into and you want it to still look professional.

WMPH1185 -  This also holds standard letter size paper(s) it is an 11.5" wide pocket and displays your literature in a landscape or horizontal orientation. Just like the portrait orientation we offer it in a large variery of depths starting at 1/4", then 1/2" and standard 1.5" deep.
We can make it as small as 1/8" and 2- 3 deep. On larger depths we consider that to be more like a magazine holder so our standard might be a thicker 3/16" acrylic material.

Although not listed we can make these in colors or other materials just too many options to list them all. Colors that we offer are red, blue, white , black , light tint, dark tint and yellow. We can make them out of ABS in white or black if you are looking for a wall mount brochure holder that is almost unbreakable. ABS doesn't come clear and doesn't have alot of colors to choose from but the white can be painted.
Don't see the size you are interested in?
Because of all the possible options, we show only the most common sizes, but can make other sizes at your request, just Contact Us.