Urn Vault Stands

These urn vault stands are an economical way to display an urn vault they can be made out of PVC or acrylic and we can make them various sizes and heights. Thickness of material starts at 1/4" , PVC is available in white and black and is the most economical material the white is also easily painted if you want to make them a custom color. The acrylic urn vault stands are more rigid than the PVC, they are available in clear, white and black. the clear risers are not flame polished unless you request them to be.
These displays typically act as a riser or lift and are usually not seen when your product is in place.
The simple design of 2 interlocking peices allows these to be shipped flat and making them in custom sizes does not require a set up fee so the price of custom will be relative to standard sizes it will just be based on material and cutting charges.