Hospital Items


When organizing a hospital or any medical facility it's important to find products to meet your needs and blend into your decor. Plastics Plus offers products that help you put the items you need in convenient places while going unnoticed by your patients. Waiting room magazine holders can mount to a wall to store magazines rather than being spread out on a table, saving valuable floor space.  We can make counter top or wall mount  brochure pockets to hold just about any size and style pamphlets or information that you want to display in your facility.  Glove box holders mount on a wall and can offer holding multiple sizes for different employees.  Plastic Chart holders can be clear to disappear into decor when empty or available in colors to be HIPAA compliant.  ABS chart holders are the most durable way to hold a chart are available in white and black have a textured front to minimize showing scratches, and white ABS can be painted to match surrounding colors.

Hospitals use many of the items we produce. Hospital Chart Holders are a great way to post information in hallways and elevators. We can also provide sign blanks out of non glare acrylic which are the solution to hang signs from the ceiling  or  walls  where the lighting can make a sign hard to read.