Magazine Holders

We offer two distinct types of magazine holders.  Plastic freestanding Magazine Stands are designed for a counter top, desk top, or shelf.  Wall Mounted Magazine Holders are designed for mounting to walls with screws and have holes pre-drilled in the holders or slat wall clips attached for use in slat wall. We can also make acrylic pockets to match your existing pockets. We can make custom sized holders if you don't see the pocket size you want. Typically we recommend making the pocket about 1/2" wider than the literature that is being put into the pocket and the front should come up high enough to offer stability to the magazine and the back should come to even or slightly above the magazine to offer protection of the wall.

Choosing the right pocket such as the depth of a pocket in relation to the literature placed into the pocket is important.  A small depth pocket will hold a lot of thin paper, and it can look unprofessional if you use a 3" deep pocket to hold a 1/2" thick group of papers. We recommend taking a stack of the items to be displayed and measure them then add about 1/2" so they are not tight.

Our magazine holders are designed to leave approx 2" of  magazine protruding above the front of the pocket which is an important feature.  If the front is to low, magazines can start to flop forward, and is a common problem on injection molded pockets that tend to use as little material as possible to keep the price low. A low priced display is not a deal if it doesn't display the way you need it to.

We only list the most common sizes and variations here.  If you need a custom size or variation, including business card holders or brochure pockets attached, just contact us. We can work with you to develop something that works for exactly what you need.