Five Pocket Magazine Holders

   This wall mounted acrylic pocket display is the largest standard pocket arrangement we offer, as 1 piece. We find customer like this for organizing office spaces with the 5 pockets ( 1 for each day of the week) it can work really well for organizing papers or folders that are specific to days of the week. If you are a 7 days a week kind of business consider combining a 3 and 4 pocket together. With all the wall mount pockets Plastics Plus offers you can combine our pockets to get to any number in any arrangement possible.
   If you know how many pockets you need and how much space you have to mount the pockets let us know that information and we can give you your design or lay out options to achieve the perfect number of pockets in your limited space. If you have a budget to follow we can work with you on that also, sometimes there are ways to achieve your display for the price you need with very minor concessions which may not affect how the display works for you application.