Versatile Mount Sign Holder

These sign holders have 2 white adhesive strips that adhere to just about anything and are completely reusable.  You can use this economical sign holder on your wall, your window or just about any other flat surface, remove it and use it elsewhere as you need.  If the adhesive starts to get dirty and weak, simply wash it off.

This is the perfect solution for attaching a sign to a window because it allows the sign inside to be viewed from both sides.  It is easily removed without leaving any sticky residue behind, which also allows you to easily move your sign to a different location.  No going through the hassle of using mounting hardware, drilling holes in the wall, or leaving tape residue behind from double sided tape. This, however, is not a good application if you are concerned about your sign being tampered with by the public.

This is a rare product because it can also be turned to be used in a landscape orientation.

Because this sign holder is very light weight material it ships very economically and it will also not break if it falls down it is to light to break itself and

Click here to see a YouTube video about usage of the product.