About Us

Plastics Plus was started in January 1998 by a hobby woodworker who needed a small piece of Plexiglas for a project, and now produces and sells products across North America and Canada. We are the manufacturer of virtually all the items we sell on our website.  We are not a reseller and we do not purchase any of our products from over seas. All of our products are Made in America and all but two are made right here at our facility in North Dakota by Plastics Plus employees.

We fabricate items from acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG, ABS, and HDPE. We carry multiple different types of plastics in sheets and sell most of them in cut to size pieces.  We are small enough to take small orders and large enough to handle orders of several thousand items.

Great customer service, fast turn around times and quality products have helped us grow every year. When you buy from us once, we are confident that you will buy from us again, and maybe tell someone else.