Funeral Home Items

At Plastics Plus, we offer a series of Funeral Accessories.  If we don’t list it on our website, and it is made from some sort of plastic, we can probably make it and at very competitive prices.  We manufacture Urn ShelvesUrn Vault Category StripsPrice Card HoldersUrn Vault Base StandsCasket Stands, and a variety of sign holders and brochure holders.

We can design the perfect displays for your showroom and solve your display problems. Unlike most suppliers of funeral home displays we are the manufacturer right here in the USA and we can modify any of our standard displays, or we can design a display from a sketch if you have a unique display requirements.

A well designed acrylic display will be either nearly invisible to customers and draw attention to your product or consistent with the overall flow of the product you are displaying.  All of our standard funeral display items come from customer requests, we worked with Wilbert corporate display division so many of the displays work best with their products.  We also make large ballot boxes that are used for collecting cards at memorial services.

Many showrooms use slatwall and we can make most of our displays adapt to slatwall applications. If you don’t see a slatwall option just contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the custom acrylic sign holder or display that you need.

Plastics Plus also specializes in duplicating acrylic displays that you currently have so if you have any broken or need more displays to match your current displays we likely can duplicate them. Or if you like your current displays except they need just a little improvement to make them even better we can help make improvements so you have a better or more durable display.