Sign Holders By Size

These are the standard sign holders we stock arranged by the width of the sign holder, in order from smallest to largest. Just another way Plastics Plus is trying to make your purchasing as easy as possible. If you already know the style you are looking for click here.

All stock sign holders are made of acrylic and most are in 1/8″ thick and / or in .080 material.  Some smaller sizes are best in thinner material, and larger sizes are only available 1/8″ material.

Not all sizes are available in all styles, sometimes due to manufacturing limitations, but sometimes we just don’t have them offered as a stock item.  This just means we simply haven’t had many requests for that particular size / style combination.

Don’t see the size you are interested in?
Because of all the possible options, we show only the most common sizes, but can make other sizes at your request, just Contact Us.
Or call customer service  toll free 877 858 5751.