Sign Holders by Style

If you don’t know the style you want, but know the size, click here.

The first step in choosing the perfect Plastic Sign Display Holders is to decide what features you need to have. Below is a list of things to consider when deciding which sign holder style to use:

  • Viewing- one or both sides? If it is a counter top and you need both sides, then an Open Bottom is a great option.
  • Orientation – Landscape or portrait? If you need it to work either way, our three sides closed sign holder is perfect.
  • Quantity of items in the holder – Do you need a brochure pocket or just an individual sheet holder?

Wall Mount with screw holes– These give you the flexibility of easily changing the sign holder that is inserted. These are available in 1/8″ which we call our standard thickness, but our competitors refer to as “deluxe” or “premium”. The benefits of 1/8” are flame polished edges are standard, they have a more professional look, and will hold their tension longer. Our .080 economy acrylic sign holders are often our competitors standard product. They are a good way to stay within a budget and just need a way to display a sign and easily change it. The do not have polished edges but are a routered and clean frosted edge.

Wall Mount Flush – These are perfect for mounting applications other that using screws. We offer these in permanent tape, Velcro, saw tooth, and slat wall. Also available in both 1/8″ and economy .080 acrylic.

C Style – These sign holders are bent on top and bottom so all the edges are nice and smooth to give your sign a very finished look. These are also available in both 1/8” with flame polished edges unless noted otherwise due to size, and in .080 clear acrylic. We offer them with a thumb notch if you want the nice and finished look but with a compromise so that you can change the sign a little easier. These sign holders can be mounted with keyholes, tape, saw tooth, or Velcro There is no screw hole option as a standard, but can be made custom. Just contact us!

3 sides closed– This style is like a very shallow brochure pocket allowing you put in several signs if necessary. A huge benefit to this style is how easy it is to insert and remove a sign. The holder has a thumb notch on the front and back allowing for easy removal of the sign, and because it is a small pocket, you can simply drop in a sign. Larger versions of this holder such as the 17” X 11” version will tend to close off in the center but are easy to pull open even then. They have a 1/8″ space inside making the sign holder measure approx 3/8″ thick overall. When ordering the flush style of this sign holder it can be used in a horizontal or vertical position with the opening moving from the top to the side. We offer them in both orientations in case you opening needs to be on the top or on the side. If you order this style in a screw hole mount then you need to choose either landscape or portrait orientation and the opening will be at the top.

Open Bottom Sign Holder– This model is made to display signs on a counter top, best for signs that are high enough to be close to eye level and they offer the ability to view your sign from both sides. This style is the most stable free standing sign holder on the marker because the foot is in the front and the back, This is also one of the best sign holders for adding a business card holder and or brochure pocket due to the stability and standing straight up. This style is also referred to as a T style in some display descriptions. This style is an equivalent to the open top sign holder.

Tilt Back sign holder – These work well in places such as counters or shelves that are lower than eye level because they tilt upward to the customer. The sign is only visible from one side and we can easily add a business card pocket or brochure holder. You can easily add your own tape or Velcro to the foot to attach to a counter top to prevent it from being knocked off, or simply weight it down.

A Frame Sign Holder– This is a combination of the Open bottom and tilt back – offering viewing from both sides, but tilted upward like a tilt back. It has great stability like a open bottom, and can have pockets added to either or both sides. Plastics Plus is one of the few companies that offers this style and while we only stock a few sizes of this style, we offer custom sizes without any minimum quantity required.

Suction Cup Style– Suction cup sign holders are good for attaching to windows without using any permanent tape or other adhesives. It allows the sign to be viewed from both sides and the suction cups are located beyond the sign area.

Multi Sign wall mount – This is a solution for businesses that need to display multiple signs in a small area and want the professional look a combined sign offers, but not 2 or 3 individual holders pieced together. Also makes for easier mounting with fewer screw holes needed by individual sign holders.

Since 1998, our company has grown, yet remained completely customer oriented. No matter the size of your order, we fabricate the plastic products you require ensuring they are of the highest quality and shipped in a timely manner. The products we are pleased to offer you are made from a variety of extremely durable materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG, ABS and HDPE. Additionally, all of our products are proudly manufactured right here in the U.S.A. at our facility by our Plastics Plus employees.