Plastics Plus specializes in custom fabrication of acrylic sign holders, retail displays, acrylic risers, brochure holders plus we have the ability to design and fabricate almost any display to meet your needs.
Combined with the policy of no minimum order and great customer service has made us a leading plastic fabrication compnay that has been steadily growing every year for 15 yerars.

With so many displays to choose from and almost unlimited ability to create acrylic displays our website products listed are constantly growing. Keep in mind any display that is shown on this website can be used as part of idea for your perfect display take an existing display change the size or remove part of it and add another part we are only limited by your imagination. If your idea or concept strikes as something that may be popular with others we add it to our site.  We can’t list everything and if we did you would take days to look thru all the different displays so just contact us by phone or email to discuss your display needs.

Sign holders are our specialty and they are a simple concept some customers come to us looking for a common sign holder and discover that they don’t can customize it to improve the funtionality for their application. So do be afraid to ask for exactly what you want  with Plastics Plus you can have exactly what you want and you can get it for a reasonable price.