Brochure Holders

Plastics Plus is a plastic fabrication company that specializes in many different types of plastics. We are able to design and create items you or your office needs for displaying or organizing brochures, and more. We specialize in custom fabrication and can make pockets of virtually any width, height, and depth.

We can also manufacture multiple pocket displays as freestanding or as wall mount and have no minimum quantity for orders.

The size of a pocket is important so that your customers or clients or employees do not have to struggle to remove a brochure, but also so that the literature doesn’t flop over. Our standard brochure holders are made with this in mind, and we don’t skimp on the heights of the front or backs of the pockets. We also don’t leverage “decorative” cut outs as a means to use less plastic like injection molded products because these can cause issues with items flopping over.

Our brochure holders can be custom made so you can pick the pocket height in the front and back and the depth you need, or if you need a decorative cut out but want the front to be taller to compensate. We can make pockets as shallow as 1/8″ and as deep as 3″ or more, and we can make them narrow or wide. So if you don’t see the correct dimensions for your brochure / literature just contact us to discuss your display needs.

We can add business card holders, or smaller brochure holders, or even smaller pockets to larger pockets. We can custom placed screw holes, or no screw holes. We can add a slat wall clip or make it a table top model. We offer outdoor brochure holdersplastic brochure holdersacrylic brochure holders, wall mount brochure holders and freestanding brochure holders.

Injection molded pockets you find at many competitors are typically made out of plastics such as styrene or PVC. Styrene and PVC are not as clear acrylic and yellow when exposed to UV / sunlight, and have issues with the literature flopping.  These are the result of products that are made with as little material as possible.  You are paying by the ounce for injection molded pockets so when they can remove material or make the material thinner, that lowers their production cost. We make our products out of sheet material and start at 1/8” thick, using clear acrylic.