Sign Holders

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These are more of our acrylic sign holders some of these sign holders are tilt backs and slatwall models that we already offer in other places on our website we have created this page with the sizes that are more common to funeral home showrooms. Plastics Plus is always striving to make finding and placing your order for items you need to be as quick and easy as possible.

The SW1720 is a unique sign holder that sets on metal hooks that go on a slatwall wall this allows the urn vault to be placed on the metal brackets and have this sign holder in the front. These sign holders are quite specific to the funeral home industry but are an example of how we can design a sign holder for almost any application.

All of the slatwall sign holders we offer are glued on to the back part of the sign holder to make it as invisible as possible, we use acrylic DR slatwall clips they are the strongest available on the market.

The tilt back sign holders listed here are some of the smallest on the market and they are made to set on top of product or on the acrylic shelf that the product is setting on. Some customer use a small piece of double sided tape to keep these located where they want them and not be able to be knocked off. These are a much more professional way to than just taping a small sign to your product and they allow you to change your insert easily.

Showing 1–12 of 14 results