Brochure Holders

Plastics Plus is a plastic fabrication company that specializes in many different types of plastics. Were able to design and create almost anything you or your office needs for filing, display, and more. We specialize in custom fabrication and can make pockets of virtually any width, height, and depth. We can also manufacture multiple pocket displays as freestanding or as wall mount and have no minimum quantity for orders. How much to oversize a pocket is very important, and customers should not have to struggle to remove a brochure and not so loose that the literature can flop over. Our brochure holders can be custom made so you can pick the pocket height in the front and back and the depth you need. Standard depth is 1 1/4 inches to 1 1/2 inches but we can make pockets as small as 1/8" and as large as 3" (or more) in our standard models. So if you don't see the correct dimensions for your brochure / literature just contact our customer service to discuss your display needs. We can add business card holders or smaller brochure holders and pockets to larger pockets. Our brochure holders can be used for indoor or outdoor use. We offer generic brochure holders for sale, outdoor brochure holders, plastic brochure holders, acrylic brochure holders, wall mount brochure holders and freestanding brochure holders. When you work with a company as large as Plastics Plus, you can rest assured that just about for anything you need, we have the capacity to create it.

We can help design a display that is the best for your product, a well designed display or sign holder will display your information and be invisible to customer, a poor display distracts from your product  and is a reflection on your company and your product. The key is simply knowing when to combine features and when to split them into multiple displays.

Standard low cost injection molded pockets are typically made out of plastics such as styrene or PVC which are not as clear and yellow when exposed to UV / sunlight. The other problems businesses have with molded pockets are lack of stability, and have issues with the literature flopping.  These are the result of products that are made with as little material as possible.  You are paying by the ounce for injection molded pockets so when they can remove material or make the material thinner, that lowers their production cost. We make our products out of sheet material, so sometimes you can get a larger display for the same price if the yield per sheet is not affected. Another problem with injection molded products is there is no flexibility.  If you need it a 1/4" larger it likely is not possible, but we can without a problem, and it might not even change the price.  Depending on the item and quantity, you may have to wait for production, but most custom items are produced in 2-3 working days. Fast turnaround , quality products, the best customer service, large enough to serve customers and small enough to care about every customer large or small.

Need an odd size brochure-holders? At Plastics Plus were able to create almost any type of brochure holder you need. Just contact us for pricing on any custom sizes or designs. Plastics Plus has over 15 years of experience with custom plastic fabrication. Choose us to be your plastics experts if you're looking for wall mounted brochure holders, clear brochure holders, clear plastic brochure holders, free standing brochure holders and so much more. When you chose a product from Plastics Plus you wont be disappointed. Our experience and expertise speak for itself. Make the right choice the first time and choose Plastics Plus to be your plastic fabricators.