Urn Vault Shelves

Urn Vault shelves are a great way to display an urn vault in your showroom this displays sets on top of the urn vault and has a shelf to put the lid on at a nice angle to show your customer the vault without having to handle the lid. This particular model is designed and manufactured for Wilbert Corporate franchisees.
If you need different dimensions or want to have it display in a different way just contact us or send us a sketch of what you are looking for. We can also duplicate what you currently use if you are in need of replacement displays and want to keep your showroom looking uniform.

The SW1010 acrylic shelf is a 3/16" thick clear acrylic shelf with 2 slatwall clips on the back lip and measures 10 wide x 10 deep it has a support on each side. This shelf is a one peice with 3 bends, the braces are designed to go against the slatwall 3" faces between the slats. These braces allow the shelf to hold alot of weight without bowing or sagging. because they are clear they will almost disappear and give the appearance of your products floating in mid air. These shelves can be used for other heavy items to display also. If you need a larger shelf contact us with the dimensions you need listing the width (left to right)  then the depth (front to back) and we can give you a quote for the acrylic shelf size you need to display your products.