Four Pocket Magazine Holder

This wall mounted acrylic pockets are easy to mount and offer full visiblity of the magazine or literature that is put into the pocket. Compare this to many 4 pocket displays that can cost up to $150 , this is very economical way to display 4 different items in a single row, if you want your 4 pockets to be 2 rows of 2 then refer back to our double pocket page, and that will allow you to mount your 4 wall pockets as close or as far apart as you would like some all-in-one displays  look very nice and compact but customers find that removing magazines or literature from the bottom pockets is not very easy because the next row hangs over the opening with improper spacing to make the access of the bottom row to be easy. Keep this in mind when deciding on how you want your acrylic pockets to be displayed there are 2 main considerations looks and ease of use. Nice looking is great unless it interferes with ease of use.