Business Card Holders

   Clear Plastic Business Card Holders are a very professional way to display your business cards at trade shows, or even at the counter of you store.  You should always have a business card available for your customers or potential customers to take. Business cards are the most cost effective way to get your name and business information out into the hands of customers. Because they are small and convenient, unlike a large flyer, people are much more likely to take a card if there is any chance they may need to refer back to it.  They easily slip into their wallet or any spot that is large enough to hold a credit card.

   Most of our acrylic sign holders, brochure holders and other acrylic displays can easily have a business card pocket attached to them. Keep that in mind when looking at displaying information. When people are walking around a trade show where there are so many handouts, a business card is a lot less trouble to take.  They will typically be put in a safe place such as where they keep their credit cards or money.

Since 1998, Plastics Plus has been offering a variety of business card holders ranging from acrylic business card holders to plastic card holders and vertical business card holders. No matter what type of business card holder you are on the market for, start your search with Plastics Plus! With a number of customizable features and competitive pricing options, you cant go wrong when you purchase your next set of business card holders from Plastics Plus.

Many businesses overlook this but there is no better way to promote your company than through your own employees. Your employees will take pride in knowing that they are valued enough within your organization when presented with their very own business cards. Add to that a business card holder from Plastics Plus and you have yourself a winning combination. With so many different business card holder options offered at Plastics Plus, we are confident that you will find a card holder that fits your needs and your budget.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out Plastics Plus. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the very best in acrylic business card holders, plastic card holders and vertical business card holders. If you have questions about any of our products or are ready to order, contact us today by phone by dialing 1-877-858-5751 or send us an email through our short contact form located on the left hand side of this page!