Sign Holders by Style

If you don't know the style you want, but know the size, click here.

The first step in choosing the perfect Plastic Sign Display Holders is to decide what features you need to have. Below is a list of things to consider when deciding which sign holder style  to use:

  • Mounting- how? screws ,  lift off , tape , velcro,  magnet , slatwall , gridwall  or other
  • Mounting where?  glass , brick , display board  wall or counter top
  • Removal of sign / insert  -  easy  or secure 
  • Viewing- both sides  or 1 side - do you need non glare?
  • Orientation - do you need it to work both portrait and landscape
  • Pockets - do you need to put a brochure or business card with the sign
  • Do you want a pocket or individual sheet holder
  • quality  1/8" or .080 is this a temporary  or permanent
  • personalize - screen print logo or colored border 

Styles we offer and description of how advantages of each sign holder style:

Wall Mount with screw holes- These  give you the flexibility of easily changing the sign holder that is inserted  it is available in 1/8"  which hold are the thickest sign holder in the industry and will hold their tension longer than any other sign holder on the market, flame polished edges are standard these are the best looking highest quality sign holders available .The.080  acrylic economy line are a good way to stay within a budget and get the same sign protection, tension is lighter and are easier to change the insert . The edges are not polished but are a clean frosted edge.

Wall Mount Flush - These  are perfect for mounting applications other that using screws. We offer these in permanent tape, velcro, saw tooth, and slat wall. Also available in both 1/8" and economy .080 which sometimes is the preferred to keep the weight of the sign holder to a minimum making them better to attach to temporary displays at trade show where weight on a back board can become a concern.

Versatile Mount-  This is a great way to put a temporary sign on almost any smooth surface this is a reusable sign and the self adhesive is easily regenerated to like new by simply running water over the
renewable strips, this sign holder is perfect to put a sign on a window or other glass applications, The other advantage of this sign holder is that they are very light material so they ship very easy and if it falls off it will float to the ground not crack like acrylic sign holders. The light weight helps make it easy to ship large quantities for a low price. Another unusual feature of this sign holder is the ability to use it as a horizontal or vertical holder.

C Style - These are a high class sign holder they are bent on top and bottom so all the edges are nice and smooth to give your sign a very finished look. This make the sign a little more difficult to remove which can work well in applications where you want the sign to not be tampered with by the public, this works well when you are not changing the sign very often We do offer them with a thumb notch if you want the classy look but want to be able to change the sign a little easier giving you the best look and the functionality of easy to replace insert. These sign holders can be mounted with keyholes, tape or velcro. This style  is best when it is able to be removed from the wall to make sign changing easier
Our tape option without a thumb notch is considered a put the sign up and not replace.

3 sides closed-  This style is like a very shallow brochure pocket allowing you put in several signs if necessary they have a 1/8" space making the sign holder measure approx 3/8" thick overall. When ordering the flush style of this sign holder it can be used in a horizontal or vertical position if you don't mind having the opening on the side, but we offer them in both orientations in case you opening needs to be on the top or on the side. If you order this style in a screw hole mount then you need to choose either landscape or portrait orientation. All of these are available with or without a thumb notch that is simply a way to make the sign easier to remove,

Open Bottom Sign Holder-  This model is made to display signs on a countertop, best for signs that are high enough to be close to eye level and they offer the ability to view your sign from both sides. This style is the most stable free standing sign holder on the marker because the foot is in the front and the back, This is also one of the best sign holders for adding a business card holder and or brochure pocket due to the stability and standing straight up. This also referred to as a T style in some display descriptions. The only con to this sign holder is shipping with the foot they take up a fair amount of space in relation to other holders that nest into each other.

Tilt Back sign holder - This is the most common countertop sign holder on the market they are reasonably priced nest into each other for shipping. These  work great in places that are lower than eye level , where they tilt upward to the customer. This is only visible from only one side and can easily add a business card pocket or brochure holder. This angled foot can be taped or velcro down to a counter top to prevent from being knocked off.

A Frame Sign Holder-  This is a combination of the Open bottom and tilt back- offering viewing from both sides, but tilted upward like a tilt back, stability  like a open bottom but they will nest for shipping much like the tilt back does. This style can have pockets added to either or both sides but that will affect the nesting for shipping. Plastics Plus is one of the few companies that offers this style and while we only stock a few sizes of this style we do offer custom sizes without any minimum quantity required.

Suction Cup Style-  Plastics Plus offers the biggest selection of suction cup sign holder sizes anywhere and we can make custom sizes. Suction cup sign holders are good in window applications allowing the sign to be viewed  from both sides and the suction cups are located beyond the sign area.

Multi Sign wall mount - This is a solution for businesses that need to display multiple signs in a small area and want the professional look not 2 or 3 individual holders pieced together. Also makes for easier mounting, by not needing a couple of screws for each sign holder, this is mounted with screws on the outside so the same amount of holes and hardware for one holder will hang 3 sign holders.

No matter where you go, you will not find a larger variety of sign holders. From thin to thick acrylic and from table top to wall mount we have the largest selection of sizes and styles of sign holders. We add the little things that make the display user friendly our thumb notch feature lets you remove brochures from the holder easier. Our C style with bends on top and bottom for a elegant finished look. Our new 3 sides closed sign holders are good for areas that need to change out often, easy and not worry about losing tension over time. Sign holders play an important role in business advertisement and delivering important information to customers. As a plastic fabrication company, Plastics Plus Inc. is vastly experienced manufacturer of quality clear sign holders, single sided, double sided ,display brochures straight up, slanted back, tilted back, wall mount sign holders, and most of our acrylic sign holders you can add a business card or brochure pocket. So many options we are only limited by your imagination. Allow us to help you display your signs or products in a professional way , a well designed display is invisible to the customer it just makes your information or product attractive to your customer.

Since 1998, our company has grown, yet remained completely customer oriented. No matter the size of your order, we fabricate the plastic products you require ensuring they are of the highest quality and shipped in a timely manner - your satisfaction guaranteed. The products we are pleased to offer you are made from a variety of extremely durable materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG, ABS and HDPE. Additionally, all of our products are proudly manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

When searching for custom made acrylic displays and sign holders, look no further than the extensive variety you'll find with the professionals at Plastics Plus Inc. We take pride in our line of work and look forward to satisfying all of your sign display needs with fast turn around times most orders are shipped the same day if ordered before 1PM central time.