Ballot Boxes

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Ballot boxes go by many different names,collection boxes, donation boxes,drawing box, entry box. They all do the same basic funtion allow you collect anything from money to an entry form and have it secured by a lock.

Things to consider when deciding which ballot box you need.

  • size of box – not to large not to small
  • clear or color- do you want people to see what’s inside
  • does it need a sign holder
  • lock – padlock or lever lock
  • add brochure pocket
  • add business card holder
  • location – do you need to mount to a wall or set on a table

These considerations can make a big difference between looking professional or looking like you just threw something together. Just think how your perception of a company would change if they used an old ice-cream pail with a slot to collect business cards for a drawing of a prize you might question if they are really giving away a prize or just want contact information of people. Same applies to donations people are more likely to donate to an organization with an acrylic donation box than to put money into a cardboard box.

We have a variety of standard sizes and types of Ballot Boxes available in Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, or White.  If you need a different size or style of ballot box than what is listed, just contact us.

Showing all 6 results