Flush with Velcro

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These acrylic sign holders have Velcro applied to them.  The Velcro is peel and stick and comes with one side (the hook side) applied to the sign holder and the other side included for you to apply.

The best way to mount these to a wall is to put the Velcro together, then peel the backing from the wall mount side and push the signholder against the wall where you want the sign holder to be located.  The Velcro has a VHB (very high bond) back, so make sure you push it to the wall straight and where you want it.  It will be considered permanent installation. We also offer Velcro dots.

Please Note:  While the Velcro has a very high bong backing, it will not necessarily stick to every wall.  Highly textured walls, walls painted with paints with additives to make them easier to clean, and other variables can, and will, impact the adhesion of the Velcro.  If you are not sure, it might be best to order a sign holder with Screw Holes or Key Holes instead.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results