These are our standard 5 sided cubes they can be used in store displays as covers over merchandise or as a acrylic riser for something heavy. They can be turned over and used as a bin to put small items in. These are real common for candy and small prizes like gaming places have where kids win tickets to use to purcahse items. Our standard cubes are all square but we can make then to your dimesnions rectangle we can make them out of different thicknesses of acrylic or other plastic material. We can also make any of our standard cubes in colored acrylic. We offer red , blue, white, black and yellow.

When ordering acrylic cube(s)  have the following information
* width inside dimension
* depth inside dimesnion
* height  inside dimesnion
* square coners or bends
* ckear or color
* thickness of material
* do you want a base or cover to close off the open side

Please contact us when ordering custom sizes or  standard quantaties over 25.