Plastic Donation Boxes

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Ballot Boxes for Sale and donation boxes can be found at most businesses for a variety of purposes. At Plastics Plus we provide you with a variety of sizes and colors, including red, blue and yellow.

Plastic Donation Boxes for Sale can come equipped with a sign holder behind the body of the box. Most sign holders can be modified and adjusted to your specifications with the option of a lock for your protection. Each box is made of highly durable materials.

Ballot boxes tend to be larger than the donation boxes. Some of the models offer the option of a built in sign holder, typically found on the front of the box. Wall or counter mounting is another option offered on several different models.

Whether you are collecting business cards, donations, or possible suggestions Plastics Plus is confident you will find the item that will work perfectly for you. If by chance you need a different size or style, other than what is listed, feel free to give us a call.

Showing all 6 results