Ballot / Donation Boxes & Cubes

Plastic Plus specializes in plastic fabrication of sign holders, brochure holders, ballot boxes, donation boxes with locks and more. We create and distribute acrylic ballot boxes, plastic ballot boxes", acrylic donation boxes, plastic donation boxes, clear ballot boxes, clear donation boxes, and more. If youre looking for a custom ballot box for your town or office Plastics Plus can accommodate every need. Were able to create acrylic ballot boxes, plastic ballot boxes, clear ballot boxes and more in almost every shape and size imaginable. We dont just make ballot and donation boxes. We also design and distribute custom made acrylic displays that include acrylic risers, acrylic cubes, sign holders, outdoor brochure holders and much more. As a plastics fabrication company that has been in the business for over a decade, we're able to create almost anything you need.

Plastics Plus is one of the few companies that offers a large variety of colored acrylic lock boxes, most websites only offer clear ballot boxes or sometimes black as a color option. We offer black as well as white, blue, yellow and red.  

Contact Plastics Plus with any questions you have about our products. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed with any product from Plastics Plus. Whether you come to us for sign holders or plastic donation boxes, well make sure that every product we pass along to you has been thoroughly inspected and approved by us. If you're not happy with the workmanship or expected something different, well fix our mistake as quickly as possible so that you can start to use your acrylic ballot box or plastic donation box as soon as possible. We encourage you to check out the rest of our website, we think youll be surprised at the array of products were able to create and distribute. As a plastics fabrication company that has been in the business for over fourteen years, were confident that you wont find a better or less expensive plastics fabrication company.

Ballot boxes for sale and donation boxes what is the difference really there is not much difference they both allow you to collect something into a locked box. To us the difference is size we feel you don't want to use a real large box because of weight , some people don't factor in how much coins weigh even our small box DB55SE  will hold over $50  and will be like a solid chunk of metal. You should consider how often you plan to empty, you don't want it to become too valuable to temp theft. Larger boxes work good for paper entry forms or ballot type forms these items take more room than most people realize because the are fluffy and don't lay flat like they are in stacks most of the time they are folded in 1/2 and can fill a container quickly.